AWISEM project aims to develop a versatile and innovative system for monitoring the air/aquatic environment, which consists mainly of two important parts:

a) A mobile platform for aerial and aquatic monitoring, having both the intrinsic ability to fly and also to float in the aquatic environment, platform which additionally will be able to carry a significantly higher payload than that offered by the current rotary winged drones (e.g. : helicopters and multi-copters),

b) Two sets of sensors (for aerial and, respectively, for aquatic monitoring of the contaminants) mounted on-board of the platform, in accordance with the environment to be monitored. 

In general, the AWISEM project will develop a new remote-piloted Coandă (RPAS) aerodyne type, equipped with high sensitivity sensors, based on CNT composites, to be used during aerial and aquatic monitoring missions for the detection of specific contaminants, in the air, or on the water surface.