The final product will be a versatile, low-energy, and innovative system, designed to carry out missions to monitor specific contaminants, both in the air and aquatic natural environment, corresponding to TRL4 technological level requirements, AWISEM system comprising a remote-controlled mobile aerial platform, equipped with high sensitivity sensors, based on CNT composites, capable of detecting specific contaminants.

The aerial platform sustentation is mainly generated by a vertical axis rotary-wing propeller and is augmented thanks to the use of the Coandă effect along the curved fuselage of the aerodyne.

However, the team brought together by the researchers is aware that during the development of the AWISEM system, not all phenomena will be entirely predictable, therefore the major risks that may arise as a result of combining unexpected and complementary negative factors may affect to some extent the functionality of the demonstrator, especially during the early stages of research and production.